It's Alive...Frankenstein XD!
Awaken the Monster XD

XD Films, Inc. presents “It’s Alive...Frankenstein XD! - Awaken the Monster”.  Featuring IGOR and FRANKENSTEIN’s monster created by MARY SHELLEY. An old classic re-imagined like you've never seen before. This FRIGHTENING journey will take you inside the laboratory of a MADMAN, Dr. Frankenstein and his sidekick Igor, as they attempt to re-animate the deceased.  What starts out as a scientific experiment ends in a horrific nightmare. This movie is highly optimized for 4D THEATERS and MOTION SIMULATORS. It is sure to EXCITE audiences of all ages!

Duration: 5:40, 6:20 
Language: None
Format: Digital; Stereoscopic Xtreme-D
Also available with this film:
  • Video trailer
  • Poster artwork
  • Lenticular 3D movie posters available