Insects Talk

Insects Talk 3D

XD Films is proud to present Insects Talk 3D! Discover the surprising way of insects communicating: the "Big eyes" of the butterfly, the kiss of the ants, the dance of the bees, the song of the cicadas and the luminescent ballet of the fireflies.

Coproduction: Zygote & Cite des Sciences et de l'industrie; Directed by: Francois Wertheimer; Scientific adviser: Claire Villemant, Museum National D'histoire Naturel (Paris). Insects Talk is an animated stereoscopic 3D educational film optimized for 4D special FX (EFX) theaters.

Duration: 13:00
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Japanese, Russian (other languages available)
Format: Digital; celebrity sextapes
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Stereoscopic 3D
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  • Video trailer
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